Specializing in social media management, branding and graphic design like package design, logo creation, business collateral, catalogs, branding, and social media management, AM Design & Services is a powerhouse of knowledge and ideas to get businesses off of the ground, rebranded, get to the next level or build on what they already have established.  With a diverse background for business etiquette, business strategies in both planning and execution and the ability to communicate with a diverse group of business owners, AM Design & Services understands more than just graphic design.  We are able to look at the overall picture of how a business can utilize the advertising, collateral, and design offered.  From business start-ups to well-established businesses, it is very satisfying to design their successes. 

This is the owner of AM Design & Services. Abi Merkle is the spark that makes this company shine! She has a background in corporate retail advertising in both the grocery and furniture industries. In 2014 she decided it was time to help Amazon retailers build their businesses with private label packaging and photo stories to help sell their products.

Today her creative studio is thriving. Logos are being designed. Business collateral is created. Social media management is growing. With many areas of advertising, branding, and assisting businesses in all phases of their being, Abi has built a wonderful list of loyal clients who have entrusted AMDS to design their success!

If you are interested in what AMDS can do for you and your business, drop them an email today and let them help you design YOUR success!                       

Photo Credit: Howie Mac Photo
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