Expose your product through photography & packaging for lifestyle recognition & inspiration.

In the retail world today, half the battle is getting the consumer to notice your product on the shelf.  With so much competition, it’s more important than ever to have eye-catching packaging that grabs a shopper’s attention.  So what are the three musts of good packaging, features that set your products far apart from the competition?

  • Form or Design
  • Function or Usability
  • Information

We can handle product packaging design for private label, multi-product lines, and even rebranding products. 

Photography is a very crucial step while branding and marketing activities. The honest question is if we need to use a photograph or illustration to communicate with customers.  Photos play a vital role in creating the brand image, which will tell the story of your brand.  Photography for product packaging and retail packaging design are two different aspects and always ensure product fundamental values and differentiators are displayed compared to competitors.

Photography is critical for digital forms of promotion as well.  Today, more than ever, consumers have the internet at their fingertips – social media, websites, and online retail shops to name a few.  Using lifestyle and 3D product rendering photos helps consumers see your product or even your service “in action”.

Many areas of product photography are available:  flat lays, white background, and lifestyle/environmental shots.  Photos can be manipulated in the way of color retouches and even inserting or deleting products or items in photographs.  AMDS can build image stacks/photo stories to sell products online.

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