With an established business, a refresh of your brand identity keeps you relevant and modern.

AM Design & Services builds on what makes your business different and constructs the messaging you’ll use across all of your marketing materials.  Your brand is your company culture. It is the identifying mark of who you are and what type of experience you promise to offer your consumers.  When deciding how to rebrand your business, there are some key things you need to consider such as how it will affect your customers and your bottom line.

  • Set Your Brand Strategy
    You will know what you stand for and have a clear path moving forward with a thoughtful strategy to market your updated brand.  
  • Establish a New Brand Identity
    Your visual brand creates critical impressions in the marketplace.  We design your brand identity to set your company apart by working on your new logo, business collateral, and brand style guidelines. 
  • Build Your Brand Tools
    We’ll design and build the sophisticated brand tools you need to take your brand strategy to the marketplace to communicate your competitive advantage.

Request a branding proposal.

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